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Here we would like to highlight our members and let you know a little more about them.  This is a good place to spotlight your shack, show off your most favorite hobby, or describe your interests for all to see.  This can be as simple as a link to your website, QRZ page, etc., or we can build your page for you!  Share your shack, antenna, and other hobby photos with the Club.  Send them to us here.

2017 BVRC Ham of the Year, Steve Werner, K5SAW

Glenn Kilpatrick WB5L
Wayne Patton K5UNX
Ron Evans K5XK
Marc Whittlesey WKYZ
Fred Lemley K5QBX
Jen Kesseler KG5WOC
Bob Femrite KSNG
Walt Gaspord AF5XY-SK
Bill Davidson WJLY

Welcome to these New Members who joined BVRC in 2017-2018!

Tim Bass, KF5ZJO (Bella Vista)
John Benningfield, KEOHC (Goodman)
Paul Blomgren, KC7DQY (Rogers)
James Blount, N1ELS (Elkins)
Andy Bower, KG5SEI (Gravette)
Chris Deibler, KG5SZQ (Bella Vista)
Gregg Doty, N5RGD (Rogers)
Paul Dixon, KK5II (Springdale)
Jeffers & Sonndra Dodge, KK6LNC, (Bentonville)
Bob Flickinger, K4PPL (Bella Vista)
Joe Hott, WD9AEN (Springdale)
Dan Lewis, W5CG (Bella Vista)
Mark & Cindy Maddox, KL7IWT / KL7IWU (Rogers)
Candy Muir, not yet licensed (Bella Vista)
Wayne Patton, K5UNX (Bella Vista)
Tom Pitts, KG5TUE (Bella Vista
John Rankin, W5LNI (Rogers)
James Skinner, KG6HSD (Pea Ridge)

David Baker, KE0MWG (Pea Ridge)
Larry and Doris Bilderback, KD6IRI / KD6WQB (Lowell)
Chuck and Lorrie Healey, W0CEH / N1RNI (Bella Vista)
Steff Leffler (Fayetteville)
Randy Moll (Bella Vista)
Mark Schneiderhan, KD8NLM (St. Robert, MO.)
Steve Vandiver, AF5YM
Andy Winderburg, KG5SMX (Bella Vista)
San Hutson, K5YY (Springdale)
Eric Nilsson, W4ALW (Rogers)
Don Banta, K5DB (Springdale)
Dana Dixon N0YJB (Bella Vista)
Brian Doty, KD8VSD (Rogers)
John KG5TTZ (Bella Vista)
Jessie Costulis, KG5YJV (Bentonville)
Alan Katz, KE0QFO (Washburn, MO.)
Stephen Rockwell, KEPWA (Jane, MO.)
Jay Bromley W5JAY, (Tonitown)
Paul Dixon, KK5II (Springdale)
Mel Hagen, AF5GF (Johnson-Fayetteville)

Earlier in 2017, we said Goodbye to these great members:

Jim Bennett, KIEI (QSYd to Texas)
Bob Femrite, KSNG (QSYd to Texas)
Walt Gaspord, AF5XY (Silent Key)

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