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    FOR SALE:  Kenwood TS-2000 Tranciever

    TS-2000 3 years old one owner and it is a 10 out of 10.  Non-smoker, box, manual, handmike.  $750
    If shipped purchaser will pay shipping

    N5LML  Randy Banks   479-366-5086     e-Mail:  dleft365@gmail.com   Good on QRZ
    Listed 06-09-2019, expires 08-09-2019

    WANTED:  Diplexer for VHF/UHF

    For using 2 radios to 1 antenna or vice-versa. Have items to trade.

    W5ZQI  Shane Fitzmaurice       e-Mail:  coonsquall@yahoo.com   Good on QRZ
    Listed 04-24-2018, expires 06-24-2018

    FOR SALE:  Kenwood TS-440S

    This one has the dot and keybounce issues.  An easy fix, you can find on-line.
    I have added the internal tuner, but not tested.  Includes Stock Microphone, Manual and power cord.  $275.

    KG5YJW  Jeff Newberry  870-480-9988     e-Mail:  jnewb71@yahoo.com   Good on QRZ
    Listed 03-06-2019, expires 5-26-2019

    FOR SALE:  Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier

    Ameritron AL-811 with 3 new finals, excess to my needs.
    Asking $550, delivered (within 2 hours of Springfield, MO).

    K5ALU  Roger Cranford   417-860-8302     e-Mail:  K5ALU@yahoo.com   Good on QRZ
    Listed 02-03-2019, expires 4-03-2019

    FOR SALE:  NADY SCM1000 Studio Condenser Microphone

    Mint Condition.  $100

    W5JAY  Jay Bromley   479-651-3928     e-Mail:  w5jay@arrl.net   Good on QRZ
    Listed 02-03-2019, expires 04-03-2019

    FOR SALE:  Icom 2100h w/Antenna/Meter, Icom 718 w/Meter/Keyer

    I have an icom 2100h mobile 2 meter with 5/8 wave mag, and an mfj 812b swr meter.  $150
    I also have an icom 718 hf rig with a vintage Pal KW1 watt/swr meter and a hand made cw keyer.  $500
    I'm located in Gentry, AR.  If someone wanted to purchase all, I'd do  $600.

    I inherited this from my grandfather (KD5YPF) when he passed a few years ago.
    I've used the 2 meter rig plenty but I'm only a tech so I've never used the 718.  The cw Keyer was made by him.
    I'd like to include it with the radio as I would have no use for it.

    The radios are in great shape and both worked the last time they were powered on and have been kept well.
    I just don't have a power supply to show they work.  If someone were interested and could bring a power supply I could show they work before selling.

    K0KJP  Brandon McBride e-Mail:  brandon.mcbride@cox.net   e-mail Preferred  Good on QRZ
    Listed 12-02-2018, expires 02-02-2019

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