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    FOR SALE:  YAESU FT-8800R, YAESU FT-60R and MFJ 949EY

    1. YAESU FT-8800R dual band radio with mic, manual, and power cord, and Pyramid PS-14kx 14 amp 12VDC power supply, also with documentation.  Both like new, package of both for  $150
    2. YAESU FT-60R dual band HT with accessory Quick Charger, manual, original box.  Little if any use.  $100
    3. MFJ 949EY 300 Watt Versatuner II antenna tuner, like new in the box with manual, but without ubiquitous wall wart.  $75

    W5NX  Charles Tillotson    Fayetteville, AR.
    e-Mail:  w5nxk5ows@gmail.com email preferred    Good on QRZ
    Listed 05-17-2018, expires 07-17-2018

    FOR SALE:  DRAKE R4-B Receiver & MS-4 Speaker

    Nice receiver and matching speaker; good copper chassis, excellent cosmetic condition, copy of manual. Works, but needs DeOxit on switches and controls; may have a weak tube or two. $150 OBO

    K5XK  Ron Evans  k5xk@arrl.net email preferred    Good on QRZ
    Listed 05-17-2018, expires 07-17-2018

    FOR SALE:  K5YY Items in Springdale, AR.

    1. VCI electronics KW tuner HFT1500, bypass modes, multiple outputs.  $150
    2. JRC, mint HF Receiver, model NRD 535D, with added optioons of CFL243W, CFL233 and CMF78. .1 - 30MHz, 5.0 Product Reviews.  $525
    All are a true 9-10 condition, pickup only, NO shipping and prices are FIRM and much less than currently advertised for similar items on For Sale websites.  Great for updating your primary rig or as a backup/secondary unit.  You are welcome to come and operate the items, no obligation.

    K5YY  San Hutson   479-466-1666     e-Mail:  k5yy@cox.net email preferred    Good on QRZ
    Listed 05-17-2018, expires 07-17-2018

    FOR SALE:  Rohn HDMX-A-131 and Rohn 25G towers

    Wayne Johnson-W5OFN has a brother that has a Rohn HDMX-A-131 48FT. TILT OVER TOWER STANDING FOR $500 AND A 90FT of Rohn 25g with heavy duty guys along with a Hy-Gain Ham 4 Rotater and controller still standing for  $1000

    W5OFN  Wayne Johnson  479-646-4405    Phone call preferred   Good on QRZ
    Listed 3-25-2018, expires 05-25-2018

    FOR SALE:  W5FJ Estate Items in Rogers, AR.

    1. 1- LDG KT-100 Kenwood tuner, no cable.   $100
    2. 1- Cubex 8 element quad for 2 meters   $130
    3. 1- 20 T 2 meter antenna   $120
    4. 1- 43 ft vertical with AH-4 tuner!   $350
    5. -- Several D-104 converted microphones   $35-55
    6. 1- 5 element 6 meter beam   $85
    7. 1- 3 element tri bander   $75

    All these items are in good shape and are at the residence of Dennis - KA4AFE.

    KA4AFE  Dennis Robinson  479-633-4182     e-Mail:  drobinson_630@msn.com    Good on QRZ
    Listed 03-21-2018, expires 05-21-2018

    FOR SALE:  WA5SOG Items in Van Buren, AR.

    1. 1- Hy-gain Ham IV Rotater and Controller  $200
    2. 1- Rohn HDBX 48 foot self supporting tower  $500
    3. 1- Thrust Bearing and mounting plate for the above tower  $75
    4. 1- Mosely TA-33M Tri Band Beam with WARC, antenna may need feedline harness  $300

    All these items are in good shape and up in the air and are in Van Buren, Arkansas.  I am open for negotiations for this equipment.  I also have found a tower climber that works for a local cell company and does professional work and is reasonable with pricing.  Give me a call.

    WA5SOG  Ed Burris  479-629-4818     Phone call preferred    Good on QRZ
    Listed 03-21-2018, expires 05-21-2018

    FOR SALE:  Yaesu FT-857D and Tarheel II mobile antenna

    Yaesu FT-857D (HF/VHF/UHF mobile Transceiver, w/ Tarheel II screwdriver mobile antenna and mount.  In service approx 3 years by non-smoker.
    The antenna is a manually tuned Tarheel II using the SWR meter.  Can text pictures.  Used only on voice on VHF, 10, 20, and 40M.
    Serious Local buyers only please.   Payment by Cash or Personal Check  $900

    N7XLT  Phillip Arends  423-458-8979     e-Mail:  phlarends@cox.net   Good on QRZ
    Listed 3-04-2018, expires 05-04-2018

    FOR SALE:  Cushcraft MA5B Antenna

    Cushcraft MA5B mini beam.  List price $499.95.  $125
    The beam is on the ground partially disassembled. Pickup in Fayetteville.

    KB5BV  Mose Howard  479-841-0316     e-Mail:  kb5bv@yahoo.com   Good on QRZ
    Listed 2-25-2018, expires 04-25-2018

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