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    FOR SALE:  K5YY Items in Springdale, AR.

    1. Amp Supply 3 tube 3-500Z 3KW amplifier, model LK550ZC, rare, separate HD supply sits on floor, extra fan.  $1500
    2. Quadra VL-1000, Yaesu solid state, KW+ output, covers 160-6m.  Auto band switching with Yaesu transceivers.  $2000
    3. Yaesu FT1000 MP MarkV Field with added $700 filters, all slots filled.  Will add the MD100 desk mike and multi audio SP8 speaker.  $1500
    4. Icom 7600 xcvr, late 2012 model, with SP20 speaker and SM20 desk mike (upper end Icom mike/speaker).  Icom 12v PS.  Total all 4 items,   $1850.
    5. Rare AT4K 3+ KW tuner, early model with rare LED readout circuitry, roller inductor,etc.  Seldom used.  Same components as the later AT5K tuner.  Large and heavy duty.  $600
    6. Drake MN75 300 watt tuner, bypass mode, 9 band segments, heavy duty components.  $125
    7. VCI electronics KW tuner HFT1500, bypass modes, multiple outputs.  $150
    8. JRC, mint HF Receiver, model NRD 535D, 5.0 Product Reviews.  $525
    All are a true 9-10 condition, pickup only, NO shipping and prices are FIRM and much less than currently advertised for similar items on For Sale websites.  Great for updating your primary rig or as a backup/secondary unit.  You are welcome to come and operate the items, no obligation.

    K5YY  San Hutson   479-466-1666     e-Mail: email preferred.   Good on QRZ
    Listed 09-18-2017, expires 11-18-2017

    FOR SALE:  Kenwood TS-830S & Accessories Package

    1. TS-830S HF Tranciever
    2. AT-230 Antenna Tuner
    3. VFO-230 Remote VFO
    4. SP-230 Matching Speaker
    5. MC-50 Desk Microphone
    6. Kenwood CW Filter for the 830

    Everything is in very good cosmetic shape, except one corner of the remote VFO is a bit "rounded off".  The bandswitch on the xcvr is "soft".  May be an easy fix, I don't know.  Paint on the mic base is worn at the corners, but doesn't affect operation.  Overall in good condition.  New driver tube and S-meter lamp just installed in the transceiver.  Asking $600 for the package.

    WB0RUR  Gary Darnell  Email Only     e-Mail:   Good on QRZ
    Listed 09-12-2017, expires 11-12-2017

    FOR SALE:  K5KDK Items in Van Buren, AR.

    1. 1- 53' run Super 8 Low loss coax, with barrel connector PL259 1 end  $10
    2. 1- 95' run Andrew " heliax, hardline with connector on 1 end  $65
    3. 2- 109' runs " hardline, no connectors either end  $60 each
    4. 1- 45' LMR 600 hardline, w/ straight and 90 degree connectors  $20
    5. 1- 45' LMR 600 hardline, w/ 1 straight connector on 1 end  $15
    6. 1- 104' run Andrew " heliax, w/ 1 connector  $75
    7. 1- 500' roll 3/16" Rohn galvanized guy wire, "NEW"  $50
    8. 1- Mirage B-34-G 35 watt handheld amplifier, "New in Box"  $50
    9. 1- 17 element 220 MHz SSB Boomer antenna  $45
    10. 1- Mirage B-1015G 6m amplifier, 10w in 150w out Never used  $175
    11. 1- Yaesu FT-736R SSB VHF-UHF transceiver, includes 2m, 1.25m, 70cm and 1.GHz modules, MD-1 desk Mic and SP-767 external speaker, owner's manual, in very good condition.  Sold together  $1000 firm

    K5KDK  Jeff Ricketts  479-222-2048     e-Mail:  Phone call preferred   Good on QRZ
    Listed 09-06-2017, expires 11-06-2017

    FOR SALE:  W3RXO Equipment

    Prices are picked up in the Vian, OK area. Tower or GAP Titan, must be picked up here.
    I will drive a short ways, to meet anyone wanting to buy the other items.

    • 60' Heavy Duty crank-up Tower. Not sure if it is Triex or US Towers brand  $750 OBO

    • CDE/HyGain Tailtwister T2X Rotor and control box with 75' of cable  $450 OBO

    • Dentron MT-3000A full legal limit tuner  $350 OBO

    • GAP Titan DX HF vertical  $250

    • Icom IC-735 HF rig includes manual, desk and hand mics. Issue with 15 & 17M  $300 OBO

    • Hammarlund HQ-150 general coverage receiver 1960's vintage tube type.  Includes Electronic Specialties DD-101 digital display, original manual, www.radiodustcovers embroidered felt dust cover and a complete set of replacement mil spec tubes, PLUS the replacement sectional electrolytic capacitor.  I recently replaced the 40M coil and realigned it on a modern service monitor. It is a very sensitive receiver for AM, SSB and CW. There is nothing like listening to a ball game on a good, sensitive old tube receiver  $300 OBO

    • ETO Alpha 374A near legal limit Linear Amplifier. 1400 watts output on 40 meters, No-tune passband tuning on 15, 20, 40, and 75/80 meters. 160 through 10 meters.  Operates on 117VAC or 234 VAC, includes W7FG manual and embroidered felt dust cover from Stan, at  $1250

    W3RXO  Dan Galligan  918-773-8932     e-Mail: email preferred   Good on QRZ
    Listed 08-27-2017, expires 10-27-2017

    FOR SALE:  20 WPM Koch Morse code trainer app for Android

    Learn to recognize Morse code at 20 WPM and not memorize DITs and DAHs at 5 WPM.  This app will train you to copy Morse code at 20 WPM using an approach very similar to the Koch method.  In this app you learn first the vowels, starting with "a", then alphabetically the letters and ordinally the numbers.  As you gain more experience copying Morse code, you will begin to recognize short strings of characters such as "CQ", "73", "Tu", "Tnx", "HiHi", "599", "Wx", and the numerous Q-codes.  This app may be of interest to amateur ham radio operators and CW or telegraph enthusiasts.  Also available on Google Play are 10, 15, 25, and 30 WPM versions of this app.

    KG9E  Nick Krebs  Email Only     e-Mail:   Good on QRZ
    Listed 08-27-2017, expires 10-27-2017

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